An image sharing platform with everything you need and nothing you don't


Share medical images and associated reports with anyone, anywhere.


Authorize a third party to upload studies from their facility.


Upload images from a disc and update patient demographics prior to import.


Customize user permissions to streamline the management console.


Maintain a comprehensive log of all transactions for complete oversight.

Exchange medical images without using the cloud

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Offer seamless patient transfers by moving studies instantly to the destination facility.

Sender can anonymize the imaging data and set an expiration date for the transaction.

Recipients can access or download studies according to your specifications.

Sending medical images with Vaultara
Medical image sharing with ultrasound


Collect imaging data from outside facilities for collaboration.

Review priors before seeing a patient to offer a higher standard of care.

Reduce redundant imaging.

View images from any location or device with Vaultara’s HTML5 viewer

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Quickly ingest medical images from CDs, DVDs, or USB drives.

Change patient demographics to easily associate images with existing PACS or VNA records.

Select desired destination for images.

Upload medical images from CD

Eliminate the inefficiencies of disc-based sharing and improve outcomes by providing secure and immediate access to medical images

Adjust administrative settings for medical image sharing


Completely customizable to suit your needs.

Administrators set specific user privileges for a clean user interface and intuitive workflow.

Establish expiration timeframes and password requirements.

Enjoy the security and control of an on-premise solution with all of the same functionality as a cloud-based product


HIPAA-compliant tracking of all transmissions whether sent or received.

Quickly produce audit reports for set time periods.

User-defined access to audit trails.

Image sharing audit log

Simple, secure, affordable image sharing

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