Our Mission

Founded in 2013, Vaultara provides secure, rapid data sharing solutions which enhance patient care coordination throughout their health care continuum.  These solutions improve outcomes by eliminating ineffective processes that plague the healthcare industry.

Our Why

“After experiencing firsthand the challenges healthcare facilities have with sharing patient information between one another, I knew there had to be a better way.”  Following some medical challenges, my father lay in a hospital bed 1600 miles away from his primary care facility, awaiting the arrival of a CD requested two days ago.  Upon arrival, the care team reviewed prior imaging allowing them to make a diagnosis quickly, and start a treatment plan.

Why two days?  They can’t send them immediately?

This is a scenario facing thousands of patients and facilities daily.  Vaultara was established with one distinct goal in mind: developing a software solution that replaced ineffective processes, leading to enhanced patient care and improved outcomes.  No longer will patients wait days for priors to arrive via CD!