Personalized Cost Analysis – CD vs. Image Sharing

Typical Facility - 10% - 20%
Typical Facility - 10% -30%
How many sites produce CDs within your network?
How many CD robots are deployed across your network?

With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare technology, it’s tempting for companies to try to address every pain point and be a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than just being decent at several things, you want to be exceptional at one.

Dave M.
Medical Professional

It gives me exactly what I need without any bloatware


Mark G.
PACS System Administrator

Looked at five vendors and by far Vaultara was our choice for Image Sharing

Lisa S.
RIS/PACS Specialist

Transitioning to Vaultara, Flight architecture…Simply put, this is the essence of medical image/information sharing.

Jimmy A.
PACS Manager