Personalized Cost Analysis – CD vs. Image Sharing

Typical Facility - 10% - 20%
Typical Facility - 10% -30%
How many sites produce CDs within your network?
How many CD robots are deployed across your network?

It gives me exactly what I need without any bloatware


Mark G.
PACS System Administrator

Transitioning to Vaultara, Flight architecture…Simply put, this is the essence of medical image/information sharing.

Jimmy A.
PACS Manager

With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare technology, it’s tempting for companies to try to address every pain point and be a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than just being decent at several things, you want to be exceptional at one.

Dave M.
Medical Professional

Looked at five vendors and by far Vaultara was our choice for Image Sharing

Lisa S.
RIS/PACS Specialist