Medical Image Sharing Made Simple. Interoperability goes way beyond what's in your EMR.

Patients shouldn’t be transporters of medical information.

Vaultara allows for rapid, contact-less access to essential imaging data and improved efficiency, and reduction in operational costs associated with medical image sharing.

Workflow optimization

Flexible infrastructure options allow you to realize process savings and immediate optimization.

Medical Private Network

MPN technology creates private, secure links with your healthcare partners allowing you direct connections without the use of VPNs.

Improved care coordination

Enhanced workflow efficiencies by providing rapid access to relevant patient information.

Why Hospitals use Vaultara Flight solution:

Vaultara has eliminated the need for images from outside providers that were burned onto CD-ROMs and then either mailed or hand-carried from the provider to your facility. The process of then importing the images into your PACS was time-consuming—lost CDs, dysfunctional CDs that cannot be accessed by facilities, failures related to network security or systems incompatibility, and a host of other possible problems. For image studies taken by your facility and shared with outside providers, the process described above runs in reverse but has the same inherent risks. In addition, there are significant supply and mailing costs when using CDs for image sharing.

Hospitals require an efficient and cost-effective viewing and transfer platform that will allow its facilities to share images with their care partners.

Thereby greatly reducing the need for burning images to, and importing images from, CDs. Hospitals use Vaultara to facilitate transfers between facilities that may or may not be on the same network thus reducing duplicate downstream procedures.

It's exactly what we were looking for to help transition away from CDs

Director of Radiology

Hospitals have the option of electronically searching, accessing and exchanging data with outside providers.


Offer seamless patient transfers by moving studies instantly to the destination facility.

Sender can anonymize the imaging data and set an expiration date for the transaction.

Recipients can access or download studies according to your specifications.

Vaultara’s solution operates within a virtual environment and does not require the installation of additional physical hardware within your Facility.

Medical image sharing with ultrasound


Collect imaging data from outside facilities for collaboration.

Review priors before seeing a patient to offer a higher standard of care.

Reduce redundant imaging.

Vaultara allows for an unlimited number of provider partners that are identified by your hospital to access the system, at no additional cost to either you or your partners.


Quickly ingest medical images from CDs, DVDs, or USB drives.

Change patient demographics to easily associate images with existing PACS or VNA records.

Select desired destination for images.

Vaultara allows for rapid, CONTACT-LESS access to essential imaging data and improved efficiency, and reduction in operational costs associated with medical image sharing.

Adjust administrative settings for medical image sharing


Completely customizable to suit your needs.

Administrators set specific user privileges for a clean user interface and intuitive workflow.

Establish expiration timeframes and password requirements.

Vaultara provides a solution for sharing any medical (DICOM or otherwise) with patients or providers outside of the network.


HIPAA-compliant tracking of all transmissions whether sent or received.

Quickly produce audit reports for set time periods.

User-defined access to audit trails.

Given the rapid expansion in electronic health record deployment since 2012, as well as the expected increase in cloud-based services provided by vendors...the frequency and scope of electronic health care data breaches are likely to increase.

Vincent Liu, MD, MS, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, Oakland, California

Vaultara interfaces with any commercial PACS and or EMR

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Our Mission

Founded in 2013, Vaultara provides secure, rapid data sharing solutions which enhance patient care coordination throughout their health care continuum.  These solutions improve outcomes by eliminating ineffective processes that plague the healthcare industry.

Our Why

“After experiencing firsthand the challenges healthcare facilities have with sharing patient information between one another, I knew there had to be a better way.”  Following some medical challenges, my father lay in a hospital bed 1600 miles away from his primary care facility, awaiting the arrival of a CD requested two days ago.  Upon arrival, the care team reviewed prior imaging allowing them to make a diagnosis quickly, and start a treatment plan.

Why two days?  They can’t send them immediately?

This is a scenario facing thousands of patients and facilities daily.  Vaultara was established with one distinct goal in mind: developing a software solution that replaced ineffective processes, leading to enhanced patient care and improved outcomes.  No longer will patients wait days for priors to arrive via CD!

Personalized cost analysis - Disc vs. Image Sharing

See if you can save money, and streamline operations!

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