Health Data Leads Push for Iterative Approach to Interoperability

Original Article by Melissa Harris, February 22nd, 2021 Getting to interoperability standards is a journey, not a destination, and requires close collaboration with all parties. Federal health data officials called to view health information interoperability as a journey to be developed with end users and iterated over time rather than a major destination to [...]

Americans Want Federal Government to Make Sharing Electronic Health Data Easier

Original Article by Ben Moscovitch, Project Director, Health Information Technology Survey shows clear majorities support better patient matching and access to records A survey released Sept. 16 shows that clear majorities of Americans support efforts to improve how their medical information is shared among doctors and clinicians, and that they want greater access to [...]

Four Challenges to Achieving Healthcare Interoperability

Original Article by Vendors, Health IT businesses realize interoperability is key requirement for providers. One of the most significant requirements in providing high-quality care also is one of the most difficult to achieve — true interoperability between healthcare providers, systems, technology and the healthcare information each of these parties needs to achieve their respective [...]

Healthcare Data Sharing Connects the Dots for COVID-19 and Beyond

Original Article by Jessica Kent, July 31, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed healthcare to engage in data sharing and research partnerships, facilitating new strategies that many hope will endure after the crisis subsides. When one considers the healthcare industry, it’s easy to picture the entire ecosystem existing as one massive, cohesive machine – [...]

Healthcare’s Continued Dependence Upon the Fax Comes with Risk

Original Article by Sean Hughes, EVP of Managed Print Services, CynergisTek March 5, 2019 Fax technology has been around a very long time, with most of its history tracing back to 1843 when Alexander Bain received a British patent for the technology that would eventually become today’s fax machine. It took the fax machine quite [...]

Reasons Your Healthcare Organization Should #DitchtheDisk

Original Article by Morris Panner, CEO, Ambra Health May 15, 2019 You’ll be hard pressed to find a computer today that contains an optical disk drive. In fact, Best Buy announced in 2018 that it would no longer sell CDs. Most of us have no need for CDs in our daily lives, and many of [...]

It’s 2021 and Healthcare Still Has a Data Accessibility Problem

Original Article by Posted by Rajiv Leventhal on September 24th, 2020 In a world where so much is modernized, healthcare far too often continues to fail patients in the areas of data sharing and accessibility. Yes it is 2021, but even in this year of turbulence and uncertainty, it’s still a near guarantee that [...]

What You Need to Know About Medical Image Sharing Software

Technology needs in healthcare are constantly evolving. Security, accessibility, and compliance are at the top of everyone's priority list because patient privacy is a must-have, but having the right information at the right time is of equal importance. With the recent popularity of cloud services in several other industries, healthcare organizations must decide which of [...]

Welcome 2021 by Embracing 2020 Lessons

Original Article by Posted on December 22nd, 2020 Most of us, when asked to reflect on 2020, will quickly respond with “good riddance!” And there’s no doubt it has been the meetings industry’s most devastating year of our lifetimes. The economic losses, not to mention the personal ones, have been epic. It’s difficult to [...]

Cook, Bake, Puzzles: Tips for Coping with COVID Christmas Blues

Original Article by Posted on December 21st, 2020 With many festive plans axed, Guardian readers share how they stay positive during trying times. With millions facing a last-minute cancellation of Christmas plans, and the UK still in the throes of a second wave of coronavirus, festive cheer feels hard to come by. We asked [...]
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