ONC Awards $2M for Health IT Interoperability Projects

The second LEAP in Health IT awardee is Boston Children’s Hospital, one of the largest, most comprehensive pediatric medical centers nationwide. The hospital’s project centers on creating an open-source platform that enables access to high-quality, standardized healthcare data, focusing on the USCDI in FHIR format. Objectives of the project include: Formulate and implement an iterative […]

Behind the Scenes of U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Rankings

Interacting With Healthcare Professionals The innovation in quality measurement and quality ratings is just the tip of the iceberg for industry collaboration, Harder added. While he stressed that the Best Hospital rankings are patient-facing and are intended for consumer use, he acknowledged that many organizations have their own uses for the ratings. It’s not uncommon […]

ONC Project Taps FHIR to Extract Over 40% of Clinical Data Registry

The project also explored the potential of using FHIR to extract and submit registry data effortlessly. During the January 2023 HL7 FHIR Connectathon, CRISP successfully demonstrated data extraction from EHRs and submission to the CathPCI Registry using a proof-of-concept application. James E. Tcheng, a cardiologist at Duke University School of Medicine and an informatics advisor […]

The Sequoia Project, AHIMA Aims to Enhance Data Usability Efforts

This is not the first time The Sequoia Project has taken steps to improve data usability. In October 2020, the organization created the Data Usability Workgroup that aims to assist health IT stakeholders with issues related to interoperability. The organization launched this effort to guide participants with implementation, improving patient data exchange. As The Sequoia […]

Overcoming Interoperability Challenges with Digital Fax and FHIR

A case in point  During a recent HIMSS Interoperability Showcase demonstration titled “Document burden reduction fax on FHIR,” health data exchange experts showed how modern standards and technologies can directly impact patient care and outcomes. Introducing Walter. Walter visited his dentist, who noticed a suspicious area in his upper right jaw that could be early-stage […]

51 Percent of Hospitals Plan to Participate in TEFCA HIE Framework

The Sequoia Project, TEFCA’s recognized coordinating entity (RCE), recently published a document to assist qualified health information networks (QHINs), participants, and sub-participants in complying with Common Agreement flow-down obligations. “This resource, along with others the RCE has published, will save entities interested in joining TEFCA significant time, resources, and legal fees,” Tavernia and Everson wrote. […]

Medical TikTok Runs Rampant with Medical Misinformation

Loveland said social media platforms should do more to flag medical misinformation. Meanwhile, clinicians themselves should work to build a bigger online presence. “It’s clear that more needs to be done to flag misinformation on TikTok, including doctors becoming more heavily represented on the platform to combat misinformation with accurate, science-based information,” Loveland suggested. “In […]

MI HIE Teams Up with AI/AN Tribe for Bidirectional Interoperability

Yet, it’s worth noting that NHBP is no stranger to HIE technology. The tribe has been accessing MCIR VXU messages for nearly seven years and submitting to the ACRS since 2019. Nonetheless, their participation in the statewide network is a crucial development, “By actively participating in the health information exchange they will be able to […]

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