How Health Information Exchanges Boost Value-Based Care

Reduce Healthcare Cost By delivering on population health initiatives and supporting care coordination, HIEs can help healthcare organizations cut downstream costs. A 2018 systematic review of studies of health information exchanges found evidence the exchanges reduced the cost of healthcare. The new findings “represent progress in reaching the national goals of better-quality care, improved population […]

3 Use Cases for Health Data Interoperability in Patient-Centered Care

Transitions of Care Interoperability Health IT stakeholders are also working to advance interoperability between primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists. Just as a circle has 360 degrees, Holly Miller, MD, MBA, FHIMSS, chief medical officer of MedAllies, says data exchange needs to be a closed-loop process to enable care coordination. That’s what she’s trying to accomplish […]

How to Improve Data Normalization in Healthcare

How can healthcare systems improve data normalization? Refer to the ISA and standardize across your system first There are a handful of interoperability rules that providers and payers must comply with, such as the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule, but outside of these, systems have some freedom with regard to how they code […]

Standardized APIs Could Finally Make It Easy to Exchange Health Records

Accelerating the Transition HL7 has formed several accelerators focused on target segments of health care information exchange. The first was the Argonaut Project, established in 2014 to develop the basic building blocks of the FHIR standards. Within each accelerator, developers and users work together to define “use cases” — the contexts in which the proposed information exchange […]

eHealth Exchange Promotes Patient Data Exchange Across Health Orgs

The respondents reported several strengths, but most agreed that interoperability, especially with SSA and VA connections, was most beneficial. Customers also reported seeing value with the organization and most said the HIE works as well as expected and promoted. “We wanted to be able to exchange the information and utilize the system to exchange with […]

CalHHS Data Exchange Framework Takes Aim at Health Equity

Real-time health data can also help the state assess the impact of programs, operations, and payment arrangements to identify opportunities for improvement. Ohanian noted that data privacy and security will guide the state’s data exchange efforts. “We must collect, exchange, and use health and human service information in a secure manner that promotes trust, ensures […]

PA Health Information Exchange Grows Data Sharing Network

“LVHN has been connected to multiple large national health information exchange networks for years and has shared over 39 million patient records with 3,400 other care providers to date,” Michael Minear, senior vice president and chief information officer of LVHN, noted in a public statement. “LVHN is excited to add this new connection to P3N […]

How HIEs Support Interoperability Use Cases for Payers, Providers

She also noted that CCHIE works with organizations to help them overcome some of the challenges they might face with their EHR vendors when it does come to data sharing. “That’s where the HIEs really play an important role, is being a mediator, a facilitator, an interpreter, that sort of thing,” she said. “I think that’s […]

These Six Trends Will Further Propel Digital Health In 2022

5. Momentum toward decentralization of health data via blockchain builds. While the reality of decentralized health data won’t come to fruition in the coming year, it will become a more frequent discussion. Patients are demanding not only greater control of their health data, but also its security. Blockchain has the potential to do just that. […]

VA Announces New Plan, Roles for EHR Implementation Program

The PED, a new position, will report directly to the VA Deputy Secretary and will have operational control over the offices of Functional Champion, Technical Integration, and Program Management. The VA Secretary selected Terry Adirim, MD, MPH, MBA, to be the PED. Adirim is the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and is currently serving […]

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