1,400 Healthcare Orgs Join CalHHS Data Exchange Framework

Original Article by ehrintelligence.com
Posted on February 3rd, 2023 by Hannah Nelson

Healthcare organizations that have signed onto the CalHHS data exchange framework include 114 hospitals, 519 medical groups, and 72 community-based organizations.

Over 1,400 organizations have joined the California Health and Human Services (CalHHS) Data Exchange Framework (DxF), the first-ever statewide data sharing agreement of its kind in California.

The data exchange framework is key to achieving the state’s plans for transforming healthcare, expanding coverage, and improving connections between healthcare and social services.

State law required many California entities to have signed the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) by January 31, 2023. Other health and social services organizations are expected to join these organizations in the coming weeks to meet their statutory obligations as established by AB-133.

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Some entities, like physician practices with fewer than 25 physicians, acute psychiatric hospitals, and rural general acute care hospitals, will have until January 31, 2026 to fully implement the framework.

The state was awarded Educational Initiative Grants to associations to provide guidance on how entities can sign the DxF DSA if they have yet to do so.

These associations will continue to support healthcare entities in implementing the DxF through education and outreach throughout 2023, focusing on assisting signatories in under-resourced and underrepresented communities.