1,400 Healthcare Orgs Join CalHHS Data Exchange Framework

Some entities, like physician practices with fewer than 25 physicians, acute psychiatric hospitals, and rural general acute care hospitals, will have until January 31, 2026 to fully implement the framework. The state was awarded Educational Initiative Grants to associations to provide guidance on how entities can sign the DxF DSA if they have yet to […]

VA Digital Healthcare Playbook Highlights Health IT Optimization Case Studies

For instance, MercyOne, an accountable care organization (ACO) with over 400 service locations, had several disparate data sources lacking a common standard. “With such enormous stature of the ACO, designing engaged and patient-centric care across the care continuum was challenging along with having multiple practice sites,” VA officials said. Mercy health network partnered with health […]

How FHIR APIs Can Support Genomic Data Sharing for Research, Patient Care

Stakeholders categorized challenges into six themes that point to the continued need for: Standards development and content for the integration of genomic data into clinical and research systems Support during implementation of genomic standards Flexible infrastructure to support the complexity of genomic data Supporting the utilization of genomic data according to the different needs of […]

How Health Information Exchanges Boost Value-Based Care

Reduce Healthcare Cost By delivering on population health initiatives and supporting care coordination, HIEs can help healthcare organizations cut downstream costs. A 2018 systematic review of studies of health information exchanges found evidence the exchanges reduced the cost of healthcare. The new findings “represent progress in reaching the national goals of better-quality care, improved population […]

Standardized APIs Could Finally Make It Easy to Exchange Health Records

Accelerating the Transition HL7 has formed several accelerators focused on target segments of health care information exchange. The first was the Argonaut Project, established in 2014 to develop the basic building blocks of the FHIR standards. Within each accelerator, developers and users work together to define “use cases” — the contexts in which the proposed information exchange […]

eHealth Exchange Promotes Patient Data Exchange Across Health Orgs

The respondents reported several strengths, but most agreed that interoperability, especially with SSA and VA connections, was most beneficial. Customers also reported seeing value with the organization and most said the HIE works as well as expected and promoted. “We wanted to be able to exchange the information and utilize the system to exchange with […]

PA Health Information Exchange Grows Data Sharing Network

“LVHN has been connected to multiple large national health information exchange networks for years and has shared over 39 million patient records with 3,400 other care providers to date,” Michael Minear, senior vice president and chief information officer of LVHN, noted in a public statement. “LVHN is excited to add this new connection to P3N […]

These Six Trends Will Further Propel Digital Health In 2022

5. Momentum toward decentralization of health data via blockchain builds. While the reality of decentralized health data won’t come to fruition in the coming year, it will become a more frequent discussion. Patients are demanding not only greater control of their health data, but also its security. Blockchain has the potential to do just that. […]

MITRE Proposes Digital Health Strategy Focused on Equity, Individual Empowerment

Original Article by www.healthcareitnews.com Posted on May 19, 2021 by Kat Jercich The organization noted that COVID-19 could act as an inflection point to address deep-rooted health disparities – but without action, those disparities could be exacerbated. MITRE this month proposed a comprehensive draft national strategy for digital health focusing on scaling healthcare services and [...]