Top Health IT Analytics Predictions, Priorities for This Year

INFRASTRUCTURE AND COLLABORATION Disparities in tech maturity at healthcare organizations are a major hurdle to increased collaboration and AI innovation, as health systems with the resources to invest in these areas will continue to advance and reap the benefits, while smaller organizations may not benefit at the same pace. “Like many things, generative AI and […]

Community Health Center PCPs Spend Less Time on EHR, Electronic Inbox

Additionally, the study authors noted that their findings reveal potential areas for investment to enhance EHR-related staff support. Pharmacy technicians could help reduce EHR time in multiple categories by troubleshooting medication fill issues and helping physicians with prior authorizations. On the individual physician level, the study identified a significant, positive association between PCP years since […]

Better Patient Experience Needed for Trust in SDOH Data Sharing

One of the main sticking points for patients with the notion of providers whom they do not know having information about their social needs, Strawley and Richwine wrote. “They also expressed concerns that this information related to care has been historically stigmatized and could fuel stigma-driven discrimination,” the pair added. “Some participants also indicated a […]

Regenstrief Links LOINC, SNOMED to Drive Health Data Interoperability

LOINC, short for Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes, is a worldwide data standard used in 193 countries and available in 20 languages. The standard identifies health measurements, observations, and documents to support the identification, exchange, and collection of health data. Regenstrief Institute created and maintains the system, which is free to users. “Significant commitment and […]

Do Medical Specialty Societies Hold the Key to Advancing Health Data Standards?

Clinical data registries record information about patients’ health status and the care they receive over time. Typically, these registries focus on patients who share a common reason for seeking care, which allows physicians to see what treatments are available and how patients with various characteristics respond to certain treatments. By developing a specification for common oncology […]

ONC Awards $2M for Health IT Interoperability Projects

The second LEAP in Health IT awardee is Boston Children’s Hospital, one of the largest, most comprehensive pediatric medical centers nationwide. The hospital’s project centers on creating an open-source platform that enables access to high-quality, standardized healthcare data, focusing on the USCDI in FHIR format. Objectives of the project include: Formulate and implement an iterative […]

Behind the Scenes of U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Rankings

Interacting With Healthcare Professionals The innovation in quality measurement and quality ratings is just the tip of the iceberg for industry collaboration, Harder added. While he stressed that the Best Hospital rankings are patient-facing and are intended for consumer use, he acknowledged that many organizations have their own uses for the ratings. It’s not uncommon […]

ONC Project Taps FHIR to Extract Over 40% of Clinical Data Registry

The project also explored the potential of using FHIR to extract and submit registry data effortlessly. During the January 2023 HL7 FHIR Connectathon, CRISP successfully demonstrated data extraction from EHRs and submission to the CathPCI Registry using a proof-of-concept application. James E. Tcheng, a cardiologist at Duke University School of Medicine and an informatics advisor […]

The Sequoia Project, AHIMA Aims to Enhance Data Usability Efforts

This is not the first time The Sequoia Project has taken steps to improve data usability. In October 2020, the organization created the Data Usability Workgroup that aims to assist health IT stakeholders with issues related to interoperability. The organization launched this effort to guide participants with implementation, improving patient data exchange. As The Sequoia […]

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