Medical TikTok Runs Rampant with Medical Misinformation

Loveland said social media platforms should do more to flag medical misinformation. Meanwhile, clinicians themselves should work to build a bigger online presence. “It’s clear that more needs to be done to flag misinformation on TikTok, including doctors becoming more heavily represented on the platform to combat misinformation with accurate, science-based information,” Loveland suggested. “In […]

MI HIE Teams Up with AI/AN Tribe for Bidirectional Interoperability

Yet, it’s worth noting that NHBP is no stranger to HIE technology. The tribe has been accessing MCIR VXU messages for nearly seven years and submitting to the ACRS since 2019. Nonetheless, their participation in the statewide network is a crucial development, “By actively participating in the health information exchange they will be able to […]

Biden’s 2024 Fiscal Budget Request Seeks $1.9B for VA EHR Modernization

In early May, Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) introduced a bill that would require significant improvement or discontinuation of the VA Oracle Cerner EHR program. Additionally, all facilities would return to using the legacy VistA system. Rep. Mike Bost (R-Ill.), the House Veterans Affairs Committee chairman, co-sponsored the bill. On January 27, Rep. Bost introduced another bill […]

1,400 Healthcare Orgs Join CalHHS Data Exchange Framework

Some entities, like physician practices with fewer than 25 physicians, acute psychiatric hospitals, and rural general acute care hospitals, will have until January 31, 2026 to fully implement the framework. The state was awarded Educational Initiative Grants to associations to provide guidance on how entities can sign the DxF DSA if they have yet to […]

Reduction in EHR Inbox Notifications Not Enough to Cut Clinician Burnout

For instance, the initiative emphasized reducing duplicative notifications and notifications that required reading time but not additional PCP actions, which may not have been time intensive. “Notification volume alone may be a poor measure of the actual effort required for inbox management,” the researchers wrote. “Although substantial increases and decreases in notification volume may reflect […]

What Are HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability (FHIR) Accelerators?

FAST ONC founded the HL7 FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) initiative in 2017 to accelerate the scalability of FHIR across the industry by defining a standard set of infrastructure solutions for prior authorization and authentication workflows, patient matching, and identity management. The public-private partnership transitioned FAST to an official HL7 FHIR Accelerator in May 2022 to continue […]

Healthcare Orgs Face Imperative to Rebuild Good Healthcare Experience

READ MORE: Using Simulated Patient Communication to Teach Provider Empathy Around six in 10 said they want to know that their healthcare needs are being taken seriously and 52 percent said it’s important to be treated with dignity and respect. And for all the talk of healthcare consumerism, patients aren’t seeing things that way. Only […]

NC HIE Partnership Targets Care Coordination for Incarcerated Persons

Without electronic access to incarcerated patient health history, providers have previously had to rely upon self-reported medical records, the press release stated. “It’s a challenge across the health care industry for patients, whether they are incarcerated individuals or private citizens, to keep track of their list of medications or their most recent diagnosis,” Burris told […]

Training, Interoperability Key for Electronic Health Information Sharing

Many organizations reported that training across and within departments, as well as with patients, was a priority for EHI sharing. Frequent provider-to-patient education helps patients understand their options to get and share their EHI. Further, workshop participants said that greater education on EHI sharing options led to higher rates of patient engagement. Additionally, participants noted […]

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